Open Access

Our  studio open access is a relaxed, social, creative space for amateur potters to use our studio facilities. Ideal for people with some pottery experience or who have attended our workshops and wish to continue making at our studio. You will have access to our facilities including gas & electric kilns, potters’ wheels, hand-building tools, clay, glaze, our archive of pottery books and advice from two fully trained potters.

Every Saturday from 3-6, and every Wednesday from 6-9.  

£15 access fee per week (materials and kiln use will be charged on top of fee so you pay for what you use)

We will supply clay and glazes, including both earthenware and stoneware options. 

Things to bring 

Important Studio Information 

Working with clay can be very messy, we suggest wearing clothes that you don’t mind getting mucky. We also recommend that you remove jewellery and tie long hair back. 

We will always take great care when firing your pots, but we cannot be held responsible for any work cracks or gets damaged inside the kiln. This is something that is out of our control. 

We are not responsible for how you use your pots once they have left our workshop. 

Redbraes is a functioning pottery so it is very important that you follow our safety instructions when working in our studio and using our equipment. You will be required to fill out a registration form prior to using our studio.